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2022-06-16 18:48:23 By : Ms. Vita Han

Tiny houses are having a moment.

They're minimalist, portable, and environmentally friendly — and people are jumping on the lifestyle.

If you want a tiny house of your own, you can either buy one — the median cost for one in the US is $59,884, according to The Spruce — or build one, which is typically cheaper.

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So how much does it cost to build a tiny house? Well, that depends. Some tiny-house dwellers built their abode for less than $10,000, while others spend upwards of $30,000.

It really all comes down to location, housing materials, and labor. Here are the general rules of thumb when it comes to setting a realistic budget for your tiny house.

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That's more expensive than the median price per square foot of a house in the US in 2016, $101.72, per Apartment Therapy.

Of course, the higher end of that range can go way up if you opt to live the tiny life in luxury.

Source: Homestead Honey,

"Rural areas usually have more lenient laws, so choosing rural areas may save you money," Rachel Preston Prinz, who runs an architectural firm, told Reader's Digest. "But what you save here might get eaten up on connecting to the utilities' grid."

Fitzgerald told Reader's Digest that you might be spending $25,000 on building materials, but Page said she spent only $7,800.

Most tiny houses begin with a trailer. Mitchell wrote on The Tiny Life that his trailer cost $3,600, but Reader's Digest said it could cost as much as $35,000.

Here's a breakdown of some key estimated costs of the actual home itself, according to The Spruce and The Tiny Life:

One tiny-house owner told he spent $1,500 to insulate 200 square feet.

Owners of tiny houses may spend about $1,000 on plumbing and $300 on wiring, while solar panels can cost about $3,500 to install, according to

However, Mitchell estimated that the total cost of both ranged from $750 to $3,000.

Page said that her husband built much of their house but that her neighbor hired laborers for $15 an hour, costing a total of $7,000.

That's without things like electrical wiring, plumbing, and dormers (sloped roofs that create extra space).