Uncertainty in Agua Dulce due to the probable construction of a gas station

2022-06-28 11:49:08 By : Ms. Amy Chen

The residents of the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood do not know if the gas station will be built on Francisco I. Madero Avenue, a few meters from their homes, which represents a danger for families.Despite the march and the positioning of the settlers, they have not been able to convince the investors to change the course of the establishment, because the service station represents a "time bomb", the same complainants assured.Even last week they placed two canvases where they reject the service station, however, to date they have not received a response from those in charge of the work.Those affected know that they managed to stop the construction temporarily, because on the land where it would be built, there is no longer any heavy machinery or a crew of workers working.For this reason, the nearby neighbors are on alert, because if built, at least a dozen houses will be within a diameter of less than 10 meters from the fuel storage containers.They assured that they are organized and willing to stop the work, after the dialogue tables between neighbors and the company were suspended for several months.FOLLOW US ON NETWORKSUs |Advertising |Subscriptions |Contact |Notice of Privacy