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2022-07-26 22:18:58 By : Ms. June Qian

If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a major issue that you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraint! Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space! Space constraint is something most of us end up dealing with every day. Smart storage solutions can be lifesavers in such tricky and compact situations. And to make your lives easier, we’ve curated a whole collection of storage solutions that come in the form of furniture designs that, to be honest, are going to completely organize your home! Not only do these products comfortably store your belongings, but they’re also perfect for displaying those special items that you don’t feel like shutting away in a dusty cabinet. From a crafty bed with an overhead storage space to a bookshelf with a plot twist – this innovative storage and display solutions are the additions your home needs!

Prolific German furniture designer Deniz Aktay has recently introduced the Plot Twist Bookshelf. It’s a piece of furniture that features four separate twisted wooden elements. They are connected to each other, shaping and creating a stable form.

The bookshelf’s design allows it to be accessed from every side. As with most of Deniz Aktay’s product designs, this bookshelf is oddly satisfying. The curves are present as with the designer’s other projects. In addition, most of Aktay’s works have undergone some bending or twisting, as with the Wavelet, the Tie Stool, and The Pet Table.

Organizers and containers that stick to walls aren’t exactly new, but Wallganize adds a touch of magic to them. It isn’t simply a collection of boxes, clips, and rings that you stick on a wall. It is, instead, a system that offers both a platform and a set of modules that firmly attach to those platforms using strong magnets, letting you mix and match as you need and please.

Wallganize has three platforms or bases that you “stick” your containers on. The BlankStatic is your most basic, rectangular sheet of magnet where you can attach boxes or whatnot willy-nilly. There’s also an “Attachnote” platform, which is practically a magnetic notebook organizer for those times when you can’t take your wall with you.

Defined by an assembly system close to LEGO building blocks, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with base grids that attach to walls with 3M strips, requiring no hardware or tools in the process. Once users form their base grid on their chosen vertical surface, the fun begins. Stocked with over 20 different modules, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with hangers, magnetic clips, transparent storage containers, planters, and cubbies.

No matter the size of your living space, multi-use furniture helps to keep both the floor and our minds free from clutter. Adding his own multi-functional, organizational WFH design to the mix, Fahredin Kosumi created a Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter to form a magnetic, modular garden to mount on any vertical surface.

The Shelf x Shelf x Self table is both a table to work on and storage furniture as it was designed to have plenty of shelves. Underneath the table surface are tiny shelves where you can put your work supplies so they’re within easy reach. And if you place it in the middle of the room or not propped against the wall, you’ll be able to use all sides of the table to store your supplies, stationery items, devices, and other items you may need as you work.

The legs of the table are also designed to be shelves so there’s more room for storage. Here you can put things like books, decorative items, funko pops, vinyl albums, flowers, even food that won’t spoil. It really depends on you what you want to put in there, whether you want the shelves to be design-focused or if you want them to be more functional and have items near you without having to get up every once in a while while you’re working.

The Propr Office Containr Slim Rolling Pedestal is perfect for organizing + decluttering your workspace! The minimal furniture design features two drawers. The top drawer is equipped to hold smaller items, while the bottom drawer stores larger items.

The furniture piece stores your office supplies in a handy manner, ensuring you don’t have to go around looking for them at all times. In fact, the bottom drawer even features an anti-tip mechanism to support and stabilize the product. It has four hidden wheels, which makes it super easy to move from one corner of the office to another.

The Office Table designed by Pedro de Sousa can be THE office table for you. It’s an old design, but we like how it is timeless and modern at the same time. The table comes with different levels and surfaces that can be anything for the user.

The main tabletop is where you place your laptop and monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There is ample space for your other stuff for the day, like documents you need to sign, your notebook, or reference books. On the right, there are additional levels for other objects. The longer one that extends to the right could function as a monitor stand. It could also be a place for more books. You could see more space on the right with another level where a lamp may be placed.

Introducing Non Square, the team of designers explains that, “It [pursues] the beauty of irregularity within, as opposed to regularity on the outside.” From the outside, Non Square sports a minimalist, stainless steel appearance that seems like a nondescript side table dressed as a cube. A closer look and Non Square’s larger purpose is revealed.

Functionality typically stems from a product with a long shelf life and the ability to execute its primary purpose. Adding their design to the mix, Hyunjun Yu, Soojin Jung, Kyoungseo Park conceptualized Non Square, a furniture set that integrates side tables and stools within a stainless steel hexahedron structure.

Acrobat is a multifunctional storage piece that combines the safekeeping components of an entryway table with the hanging function of a coatrack.

As we continue to downsize our living spaces, the more multifunctional our furniture is, the better. Smaller spaces don’t necessarily have to mean less living space. Multifunctional furniture helps make more room for living while taking care of a lot of our household tasks. We usually have our own system of arranging EDC items like key rings, wallets, and phones. Entryway tables and coat racks usually take the brunt of those organizational needs, so finding multifunctionality in their design is key to keeping our homes decluttered. Acrobat, a multifunctional coat rack designed by João Teixeira, combines the storage components of an entryway table with those of a coat rack.

Perhaps the most ingenious inspirational overlap I’ve seen in a while, the COBBO bed gives beds a rather clever little upgrade! The COBBO bed uses the empty space between the mattress to put a nifty cabinet, reminiscent of the overhead storage you get on airplanes… so you can live out your wanderlust airplane fantasies while sitting at home!

The COBBO bed, designed for furniture manufacturer OTTO, comes with a simple Nordic-inspired design with solid oak legs and white storage cabinets that are located above the sleeping area. The bed’s slightly tapered design serves two purposes, it gives the piece of furniture both visual and physical lightness, since the cabinet above the bed is significantly slimmer than the bed itself. This allowed Hilgers to use slim wooden pillars instead of metal ones, since the cabinet above the bed wouldn’t end up being overly heavy.

Named the “Program” this modular desk is ideal for creative individuals who love the freedom of organizing their desk as per their needs. Depending on the task at hand or the kind of tools required, the desk comes equipped with various cubbyholes and hanging spaces for you to get creative, literally!

The different storage modules can be suitable for storing files, documents, or even your favorite magazines or sketches. In addition, the desk has a large storage box and a two-part table to further extend the modularity aspect. I find the design an eclectic mix of structure yet chaos – it has enough options to create an organized workspace or to embrace the chaos – it gives you the freedom to make your desk setup work for you.

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